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We're here to provide you with a friendly & reliable service. We do this through flexible use of our knowledge & expertise in creative event technology. Together, we can add value to your events by understanding your needs in depth & in context.

Theatrical Production

Lighting desk and operator

People like you have relied on Drax for lighting, special effects, sound & power distribution for eighteen years. Our wide range of services is available in any combination, ensuring the most efficient use of your budget.
The services on offer include supply of both equipment & skills. On the skills side, we provide design, project management, consultation, installation & show operation. The hardware side includes hire & sale of a wide range of technical equipment that we regularly use ourselves. Our experience in using equipment on events enables us to advise you in detail about its suitability for specific purposes.

Lighting during a show

Stage with truss and video projection screens

If you use lighting or do lighting and need access to expertise and advice then we're here to help you. If lighting really isn't your thing then we'll look after it for you and ensure it matches your needs. We're even used as a help line and we don't charge for it. Customers like you have taught us that the most valuable part of our service is understanding and advice. The warehouse full of equipment is just an added bonus!

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